Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CROCS Mega Caravan BIG Sale is in Gensan!

I am a satisfied CROCS user for the past 7 years and very pleased that the caravan reaches General Santos City as their last league in Mindanao (From Davao City and Mati) for this quarter.

The caravan will just stay for 4 days until Sunday, March 30.

Various shoes, sneakers, boots, sandals, etc. will be on sale for up to 90%.

I was lucky tonight to be invited inside their booth.

Stocks ready for BIG SALE tomorrow.

I bought this sneaker for only P1,800 from P5,100. They gave extra 30% discount for me... invite me if you want an extra 30% discount :)

I am looking for classical CROCS sandals but they are all out of stocks.  For the kids and women, they are still available.

Hurry and be there while your nice CROCS design are still available!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kalilangan Sale on Ronald Tamfalan's Paintings

Help T'boli artist, Ronald Tamfalan, on his visual arts advocacy...

                            Sludoy Women (Oil on tinalak canvass, 24" x 24")
                            P20,000 now P15,000.00

    T'boli House (Oil on T'nalak canvass, 18" x 24")
     P5,000 now P3,500

Teme/Grandfather (Oil on T'nalak canvass, 24" x 20")
P6,000  now P5,000

Million Flower (Acrylic, 18"x26")
P5,000 now P4,000

Horse (Acrylic, 18" x 26")
P4,000  now P3,500

Horse (Acrylic, 26" x 28")
10,000  now P7,000

Datal Munin / Beach side (Acrylic, 26" x 26")
P15,000  now P10,000

Running Child (Acrylic, 18" x 26")
P3,000 now P2,500

Flowers (Acrylic, 18 x 26)
P5,000 now P3,500

Demsu "Give Thanks for the Blesings" (Oil, Framed, 115cms x 150 cms)
P120,000 now P60,000

Tribeman (Oil on T'nalak Canvass)
P20,000 now P15,000

Self Portrait at P5,000.

Ronald Tamfalan is a well known T'boli visual artist.  He mastered painting on t'nalak canvass.  He had been helping his tribe by teaching painting with the younger generation for free.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Free Movie Marathon for SMAC - e-PLUS Members on March 1

     On March 1, 2014, Saturday, SMAC - e-PLUS members will be treated to a 1-day free movie marathon ( I. Frankenstein, Nut Job, The Wolf of the Wall Street, The Legend Hercules, One Chance and The Right Kind of Wrong.

     With the e-PLUS card, you can proceed directly to the Cinema you want on a red carpet...  exclusive for the card holders (no need to line up).

     With the card, SM exclusive movies usually have a discount. 

     The card can be use to buy food at the cinema snacks, food courts, etc.

1. Present SM Advantage Card.
2. Present E-Plus Tap to Pay Card.

For those without e-PLUS card
  1. Present SM Advantage Card + valid ID
  2. Fill up application form and Pay P80 for the kit (the kit includes P50 bonus load, Popcorn,
      and MOVIE MARATHON passport ticket)

Until March 1 or until ticket lasts... more or less 400 passport ticket will be given away.

Savemore Market Gensan Opens: Perfect Location for Shoppers Near Purok Malakas

Just 5 minutes away from our place, Savemore Market Gensan opens February 11, 2014.

Shoppers from densely populated area near Purok Malakas will save a lot from transportation and the hassles of traffic going to the major malls of General Santos City.

Shopper can SAVE MORE on the following:
1. Transportation cost.
2. Savings through discounts:
    a. Bulk buying discounts (specially for restaurant owners).
    b. Buy one take One (at the opening, items includes Electric fans, rice cooker, washing machine,   
        beds, etc.)
    c. Loyal customers using SWIPE card
    d. Value packs
    e. Yellow tags
3. More stations to accommodate paying customers - time saved

What's new?
1. I like the tasty toron with  "langka" and fresh "ubod" lumpia at P12.50.
2. Ready to eat food.
3. buy 1 take 1 on sliced vege/salads at 8PM
4. Bulk packaging at a big discounts

1. Free services on coconut grating, seafood cleaning, meat and poultry deboning and fruit carving.
2. Payments on bills
3. Money transfer at Western Union

more photos at:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Be In Love Again With Stephen Bishop Here in Gensan!

Be in love again with Stephen Bishop, the award-winning American-singer and songwriter in a concert live in General Santos City this coming October 27, 2013 at the Lagao Gym.

Stephen Bishop, the man behind the all time hit "It might be you" will be joined by the country's "Quintessential Balladeer" Nonoy Zuniga.

Bishop was born in San Diego, California, and attended Will C. Crawford High School.[1] He had a major hit in 1977 with the song "On and On", which was a Number 11 hit in the U.S.; his other hits include "Save It for a Rainy Day", "Everybody Needs Love", "Something New in My Life" and "It Might Be You", the theme from the movie Tootsie. He has also performed many movie themes, including the theme from National Lampoon's Animal House which he sang in falsetto. He also provided his talent to the theme song in the Christmas movie All I Want for Christmas.
song "Separate Lives", sung by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin from the movie White Nights, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1986, losing to "Say You, Say Me" from the same film. Bishop wrote the song about his breakup with actress Karen Allen, who also appeared in Animal House. Bishop said: "I write much better when I'm heartbroken and sad or melancholy.”
Bishop also wrote the theme to the 1984 remake of the movie Unfaithfully Yours, entitled "One Love (Unfaithfully Yours)". The song received regular airplay during this period, usually on soft rock/adult contemporary radio stations. Despite moderate radio success, a soundtrack for the movie was never released. The song eventually appeared on Bishop's best-of compilation album Best of Bish. The only other known pressing of this song is on a promotional vinyl 45.
In 1989, he released his fifth album, called Bowling In Paris (mixed with the Sleeping With Girls sessions) with Phil Collins (co-producer and musician on some songs), Eric Clapton, Sting, Steve Lukather, Ronnie Caryl, Michael Omartian (producer and musician on several tracks), Mo Foster, Adrian Lee, and more. In 1987, the Norwegian swing/pop duo Bobbysocks! recorded "Walking on Air" (as "Walkin' on Air") on their LP Walkin' on Air.
Bishop's songs which have tracked on the Billboard Hot 100 chart are "It Might Be You". which peaked at Number 25 in 1983; "Save It For a Rainy Day" (Number 22, 1977); "On and On" (Number 11, 1977); and "Everybody Needs Love" (Number 32, 1978).
In addition to singing the theme song off-screen, Bishop had a cameo role in National Lampoon's Animal House as the aspiring folk singer whose guitar John Belushi smashes. Bishop still keeps the smashed guitar as a memento. He appeared in another John Landis movie, The Blues Brothers as the "charming trooper" who breaks his watch during the mall chase. Bishop also had a cameo in The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977), appearing as a hustler in the infamous "Catholic High School Girls in Trouble" segment. He was the musical guest on the March 11, 1978, episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live. Bishop also contributed the song The Heart Is So Willing for the 1986 remake of the film Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, called The Money Pit, starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long. He also sang the end credit song, "We Can Do Anything", from Barney's Great Adventure. Patrick Bateman, the fictional anti-hero from Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho, is an avowed fan of Bishop. He also provided soundtrack music for the Michael Douglas movie The China Syndrome.. Somewhere in Between.

Tickets for the Stephen Bishop Live in Gensan concert are priced at P2,050 (VIP), P1,800 (Patron), P1,250 (Lower Box A), P1,100 (Lower Box B), P550 (Upper Box), and P300 (General Admission).

Tickets are available at the Atrium of Gaisano Mall of Gensan. For inquiries, contact 09395599194 or 09279238202.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Aside from the usual ice cubes and refrigerators, SM uses dehumidifiers for temperature and moisture control maintaining freshness at the vegetable section.

Lettuces were displayed in the method of hydroponics (method of growing plants without soil by using mineral and nutrient solutions in water)… it’s just picking up vegetable fresh from the garden for a crunchy vegetable salad!

Sneeze guard panel were installed to safeguard the food from virus and bacteria as shoppers go around and checking the items.

There's "takal-takal" section for just the right amount of ingredients you need at very affordable prices.

Press button at the corner of the shelf  (and the bulb will lit) and you will be attended by the customer service crew.

For speed in paying, ask for “Que Buster”… the customer service will be using a high tech scanner to scan your items in advance and when you reach the cashier, you will just pay…. SPEED!

Be sure you swipe your SM Advance card first before going for a grocery.  After paying, you will swipe your SM Advantage card for freebies or more discounts… SAVINGS!

25% off for furniture and other products.  There’s buy one take one for plastic chairs and more…. DISCOUNTS!

800 Generals can win various prizes - aircon, industrial fans, washing machines, magic sing and a lot more from August 10 - September 6.

(move around the SM Supermarket General Santos City by clicking this photo documentation link )